Osadia Wins Triple Gold in MLSA Competition


Osadia Tequila takes homes the gold in MicroLiquor® Spirit Awards. MLSA 2022 results are in, and new kid on the block Osadia doesn’t come home disappointed.

Taking the highest honor of the Triple Gold® Medal is Osaida Tequila Reposado for “extraordinary taste and comes at the highest recommendation.” MLSA refers to the Triple Gold™ Medal as “one of the most coveted awards in the distilled spirits industry. Brands receiving this recognition have extraordinary taste, quality, and integrity.”

Following right behind as Gold Medalists are Osadia Tequila Blanco & Osadia Tequila Añejo. The Gold Medal is awarded for having exceptional taste and comes with a high recommendation. MLSA describes this honor as follows, “Gold Medal winning products are exceptionally well made spirits. Brands receiving this recognition have excellent taste, quality, and integrity. Exceptional Taste. High Recommendation.”

Osadia is a small-batch 100% blue agave tequila that is exceptionally smooth, delightfully sweet, and surprisingly complex. Learn more about our story here.





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