A great finish starts with hard work.

The liquid is crafted by master distillers in Jalisco, Mexico, using traditional methods and years of experience. But it’s the tireless work ethic of the designers and distillers that gives every bottle its unmistakable flavor and smooth finish.

This is why we celebrate.

Hard work becomes intoxicating as soon as you taste success. And frankly, we’re about celebrating the fruits of our labor. If success is something you seek, Osadia is for you. So go on and sip for yourself.

Don’t stop.
Don’t slow down.

It’s pretty simple. But as soon as the party stops, we’re back to building something better, moving faster, growing stronger. We’re never satisfied with what’s been accomplished, and nothing, especially the night before, is going to slow us down.

No endorsements.
No additives.
No BS.

More than the bottle behind the label.

At Osadía, the entrepreneurial spirit is near and dear to our hearts. That’s why we created the S2 Foundation, which provides scholarships to worthy students interested in pursuing careers creating and growing innovative, world-changing enterprises. Every time you enjoy a glass of Osadía, we make a contribution to support future audacious entrepreneurs.



We're committed to celebrating responsibly.

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