50% Highland and 50% Lowland Blend – We found that we preferred the dynamic flavor we getfrom blending Agave from both Highland and Lowland Estates. All our Agave is grown sustainablyunder organic farming principles, but our estates have not been organically certified. Agave planttakes 7 to 12 years to mature before it can be harvested to make tequila. We pick at a minimumof 26 Brix.

Both Lots are split evenly then 50% Hornos Baked for 32 to 36 Hours -50% Autoclave Steamed 12 to 14 Hours. We also found the balance and smooth finish we wanted was best achieved by separating ourcooking in half. Half is traditionally slow cooked in brick oven Hornos and the other half in State-of-the-Art Autoclaves.

Slow Fermented for 2 to 3 days in Stainless Steel Fermentation tanks for a more neutral flavorand fuller body.

Double Distilled in Copper Lined Stainless Stills. We do not use a column still for final distillation as we feel distilling at higher temperatures stripssome of the character from the final product producing a more neutral flavor.  Micro-Oxygenation.

Our Reposado is aged in First Use American White Oak Whiskey Barrels for 6 months.



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